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SQIYO turns your organization's knowledge and network into profit and impact

Enterprise: use cases


Talent management (use Tasks to find internal and external talents)


Create stakeholder engagement through peer-to-peer knowledge sharing


Establish life-long learning through live person-to-person video sessions


Exchange knowledge across companies to advance your industry


Boost mentoring by rewarding knowledge sharing


Create (social) impact by sharing knowledge in a structured way (e.g. with less privileged)


Save time and money by finding knowledge faster


Build a “Giver” reputation for your organization

business structure

How it works?

Simple and fast

Use Sqiyo internally

Sqiyo can be used exclusively amongst the employees of the same organization (You)

Connect with your Industry

Sqiyo can be used to connect employees within the same industry or across other industries to exchange knowledge and learn e.g. Financial Services, Pharma, other (Your Industry)

Enter a universe of knowledge

Sqiyo can connect employees / employers to the entire community of knowledge Givers and knowledge Seekers (The World)

Enterprise: (social) impact

business structure

Sqiyo for Businesses:

Sqiyo provides employees and employers with a dynamic ecosystem to find and to share knowledge via live person-to-person video sessions.

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